Cake Central, THANK YOU


This post is dedicated to all the very talented cake designers from Cake Central, some of whom have recently been visiting and "liking" my cakes on this most impressive website. I have just joined the site though I have been following and admiring your art for quite some time.

Furthermore, I am greatly in awe of how many of you are willing to share your work and techniques so generously. I myself am self-taught but have advanced rather quickly thanks to all the advice and tutorials this community has to offer (I have only been decorating cakes for a year and a half). Without your help and that of many others who also share their methods, it would not have been possible.

Lastly, I would like to show my appreciation for all the lovely comments that have been posted about my cakes. It was a wonderful surprise. You may think I am exaggerating but, however few they may be, they mean the world to me.

My aim is to help others who are just starting out as you have helped me. Unfortunately,  my blog is in Spanish as I live and work in Madrid. Nonetheless, I would be pleased to answer in English any questions you may have regarding any of my cakes both here and on Cake Central. I also have a new page on Facebook. Please feel free to ask just about anything and I hope I will be able to answer.

Thanks again,
Greetings from Spain,

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  1. wow, felicidades Laura!!! Ahí vas haciéndote camino... Te lo mereces por lo que curras. Besotes, ruth